Vulkan RunTime Libraries- What is it and what to do about it

Have you ever seen some program titled Vulkan RunTime libraries and were curious about it? Well, I will tell you exactly what it is. However, if you are worried that it is a security threat, rest assured it is not a malware of virus. In this post, I will tell you all about Vulkan RunTime Libraries.

Vulkan RunTime Libraries- What is it and what to do about it

About Vulkan RunTime Libraries

This program is not unsafe or a security threat, or malicious ware. It is simply downloaded by your graphics card company (such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel). Vulkan Runtime, or VulkanRT is just a graphics API (Application Programming Interface), by Khronos group similar to DirectX. This tool might be needed for certain gaming applications so it’s better not to remove, uninstall or delete it.
You might have got this program with a recent update of your graphics card however, the program is one of those that are installed without any permission.

It is a 3D Graphics API which focuses on improving gaming experience. It is used by popular games such as Dota 2, star citizens etc. The point of this program is to simply reduce CPU usage, and have a more potent control over GPU while minimizing overhead. You can also check out Mantle and Direct3D to better understand and comprehend this program.

Vulkan RunTime tool can be found in Control Panel, listed in Programs and Features window. Now that you know what this program is, there is no need to worry about it.

What to do about it?

The answer is nothing! It is a sleek driver with unique efficient multithreading abilities. So, there’s actually no reason to remove it. Like mentioned above, this program may be used by certain games, such as CryEngine however if you are certain there are no games in your PC that use this tool, then you may uninstall it if you want to.

Though you must keep in mind that this program, once uninstalled can not be manually installed back shall you need it. You will need to install the latest graphics card adapter version to get Vulkan RunTime Libraries back.

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