Upcoming ‘Supervised User’ Feature of Google Chrome

As we have seen earlier, Chrome is set to get less-privileged accounts soon. These user accounts, now termed as “Supervised Accounts”, would have less privileges as compared to the standard users and can be used for granting limited and controlled access to other users. For example, it can be used by parents to control browsing activities and other settings for their kids.

Currently, this supervised user management is under development but the users can get an idea of the upcoming feature by enabling two specific experiments (flags) in the latest canary build of Chrome. We have taken few screenshots to show the user management flow:

Creating a supervised user


User Manager
Switch User

Chrome team is currently working on the UI, backend and flow. Interested users can preview these by enabling the experiments “Enable supervised users” and “Enable new profile management system” from the chrome:flags page in the canary build.

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