Transfer music from iPhone to computer in two easy ways

Apple does not let its users transfer data, which includes music, to their personal computers so as to not promote pirated content. Even though it is a good approach, it keeps iPhone users from transferring data that is not pirated or illegally acquired thus stopping them from saving their data on a more permanent platform. Although the newer versions of iTunes let you transfer the purchased music to five authorized devices, yet the music you acquire from other websites or rip from a CD cannot be transferred.

Transfer music from iPhone to computer in two easy ways

Below are two simple methods to easily transfer bought music from iPhone to your PC:

Method 1: Transferring music via iTunes

Follow these steps to get it done in no time:

  1. Down load the latest update of iTunes on your PC if you do not already have it and make sure that your PC is authorized.
  2. Secondly, connect your iPhone to your PC and when you are asked if you want to sync the devices, select NO.
  3. From iTunes on your PC, open the File Menu and move cursor to Devices to see the submenu and then select the option Transfer Purchases from “iPhone” from the menu.

  4. The songs from your phone will be transferred automatically and you will most likely get them back in Music Library once they are transferred.
  5. In case you want to get the songs back in your playlist, select the ones you want by pressing Ctrl key and clicking on them and add them to your playlist by right clicking on them and choosing Add to Playlist: My Playlist. The songs will then be duplicated.

This method only works well for content that it purchased from iTunes, you might get stuck if you have your music downloaded from other sources.

In some cases, iPhone users are unable to retrieve the music back in their devices after transferring it to their PCs; that can be annoying. Therefore, below is an alternate method to transfer music without losing it afterwards:

Method 2: Transferring music via iFunbox

If you have not heard of it already, iFunbox is the savior of iPhone users as it is a tool that helps you manage your application and everything on your Apple device(s) without much trouble. Its functions also include syncing data and transferring it safely.

In order to proceed with transferring your music, you will need to download and install iFunbox first. The beta version of iFunbox 4.0 was released in June and is the latest available version of; we recommend you to download it as the screenshots below are taken from the same version.

Here is how you transfer music using iFunbox:

  1. Connect your phone to your PC and open iFunbox. It will look like this:

  2. Click on My Device, select Music, then select Import and choose to browse for music or drag them where it asks as in the screenshot. The option we chose is browing for music.

  3. Go to where your device is connected and then select the music files that you wish to move or import to your PC.

Just like that, your music will be imported without any trouble.

iFunbox is supported by both Mac OS and Windows and is free of cost; neither does it require you to register. With this program in your PC, your phone acts like a flash drive making it super easy for you to access all files on it.

We hope you found the two methods helpful, drop your feedback to let us know!

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