There is no Internet Connection ‘ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED’

It is a common scenario to encounter the ‘Err-internet-disconnected’ error in the middle of browsing the internet. Generally, one believes that it is the internet connection that has led to the issue but little do they know that other factors may include too.

There is no Internet Connection 'ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED'

Some methods to troubleshoot this issue may include:

  1. Checking the internet connection: In most cases the error occurs because the computer gets disconnected from the internet. Hence, one must make sure that the computer is connected to the internet. If the problems still persists, then one should make sure all the connections are properly done and try again.
  2. Configuring the internet settings: Despite the internet being connected, the problem still persist. A check in the configuration of the internet must be done. The following steps may help in the process:
    a) The Window must be opened and in the search box, one should type ‘internet options’. As the option appears in the result, one should choose ‘internet option’.

    b) The connections tab must be chosen and then, the option LAN must be selected.

    c) The option Automatically Detect Settings and Use a proxy server for your LAN must be unchecked.
    d) Google chrome should be opened and checked if the problem still persist.

  3. Clearing the Browsing Data: Sometimes when the user encounters this issue, the reason may be because the browsing data such as cache, cookies etc needs to be cleared. To do this, the following steps may be helpful:
    a) Google chrome should be opened and in the search box, one should type, ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’.

    b) In the box that opens, one should choose to clear data from ‘the beginning of time’ and all the check boxes must be ticked followed y clicking on the Clear Browsing Data in the bottom of the screen.

    c) This will clear the browsing data. One may check if this had helped in fixing the problem.

  4. Checking the security software: sometimes the security softwares like firewall ad that one uses may cause such problems. Hence, one should make sure to check the settings of the software and if needed disable it and then check if this has solved the issue or not.
  5. Flushing the DNS and resetting the network setting: If none of the above ways help then  flushing the DNS and resetting the network setting may help. To do this, the following steps may be of help:
    a) The Window key needs to chosen and in the search bar one should type ‘cmd’ after which the Command Prompt option will appear as result. Right-click on this option and Choose the Run as Administrator option.

    b) In the command Prompt, one should type the following lines and make sure that they press enter after every line
    netsh int ip set dns
    netsh winsock reset

  6. After this the computer must be Restarted and then Chrome should be opened and checked if the issue is resolved.
  7. The router should be power cycled: Power cycling the router may also help in resolving the issue if it s suspected that the problem is because of the network. The following steps to power cycle the router should be done in order to achieve the results:The router must be completely turned off. The power cables must also be unplugged after turning off the router. After a wait of a few minutes, the power cables should get re-plugged and the router must be turned on. A check must be done to see if the network is corrected or not and after it is corrected, Google Chrome must be opened to see if the issue is rectified.
  8. The network adapter needs to be reinstalled: The following steps should be carried out:
    1. The Windows key should be pressed and in the search box that appears, one should type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press Enter.
    2. As the Device Manager opens, the Network Adapter category should be right clicked and the uninstall device option should be selected. If prompted, then the action should be Confirmed.

    3. The computer should be restarted and automatically the system will detect and reinstall the adapter.

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