How to Turn Off Cortana In simple steps in Windows 10

Cortana is an AI personal assistance software created by Microsoft for Windows 10. Cortana is a useful personal assistant as it can help users in getting weather reports, sending out emails, setting reminders, finding solutions etc.

However,Cortana has a tendency to gather personal information which may put your privacy at risk. To counter this problem presented by Cortana, the best thing to do would be to turn it off. However, that may not be possible since Cortana is built into Windows 10. But, what you can do is restrict its functions to a certain extent so that it doesn’t put your privacy at risk.

You can follow this easy tutorial to restrict Cortana’s functions:

  1. First go to the start menu and there in the left panel click on the settings icon.

    How to Turn Off Cortana In simple steps in Windows 10

  2. Select Privacy in the settings window.

  3. In Privacy search for inking,typing and speech in that select stop getting to know me.

  4. This stops Cortana from collecting your personal information.

The other things you can do is delete or clear your search history so that Cortana can’t collect or access your information. Here is how to delete your search history:

Just go to the search box> setting icon> clear my device history.

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