How To Solve PDF printing as an Image Error

Printing a file using Windows OS is too easy as we just have to open that file, connect the printer, and give Print command. Still, sometimes, it doesn’t go well with PDF files. You must have also faced problem while taking a print of some PDF file. No matter if your PDF file is opening well in browser, PDF reader, etc. The problem may occur when you take print of it. You might not be getting the exact print of your PDF file and there can be numerous reasons for that. Maybe, PDF data is corrupt or it is not well for taking the print.

So if you are facing problem while taking the print of a PDF file, then the below mentioned steps can help you troubleshoot problem related to PDF printing.

Steps To Fix PDF Printing Error:

  1. It’s a basic but very important step. Just check if your Printer is connected well with the socket and it is turned on.
    If this step is OK, try to take print of some other file (like an image, Word document, etc.). This will confirm that the problem is not with your printer, but PDF file only.
  2. If everything is OK, then use File menu of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or some other PDF reader that you are using, and tap on Print option. After that, do a click on Advanced button.

Note: Advanced button or option may vary depending upon the version or software of your PDF reader or Adobe Acrobat DC.

For Mac Users: If you are not seeing any Advanced option or button, then tap on the “Down Arrow”, which is visible just next to the Printer pop-up at the right side. There you will see Advanced option.

  1. Now click “Print as Image option”.
  2. This is the final step. Tap on OK to terminate the dialog box of Advanced Print Setup, and then use OK option to take the print.

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