How to Fix Xbox One elite Wireless Controller

One of the most annoying problems Xbox one owners come across is that their Xbox one controller does not sync to the console, thus making it impossible for them to use their console. But do not worry!  We have a variety of solutions to address this problem and you can see which one of these solutions works best for you.

The most basic thing for you to do would be to

Method 1: Check the basic settings of your controller

What you may see as major problem with the programming of your controller or its hardware, could actually just be small issue such as your controller not being charged, or at too great a distance from your console. So before you start freaking out about a faulty controller, make sure its charged and any hindrances between it and the console such as microwaves ovens etc are moved.

Method 2: Try re-syncing your controller

Again, before you start freaking out about your controller being faulty, just try re-syncing it. Sometimes devices don’t sync in the first go, so just give it a try again. All you have to do is hold down the connect button on the console until the Xbox button starts flickering, once the button stops flickering and the light stays on, means the controller has synced.
Xbox One elite Wireless Controller [Solved]

Method 3: Reboot your controller

Try to reboot or ‘power cycle’ your console to fix the syncing problem. All you have to do is hold down the Xbox button on your console till it shuts down. After which you press the button to restart the console.

Method 4: Disconnect all USB and wireless sources

Since the Xbox controller connects to the console wirelessly, other wireless or USB devices may sometimes interfere in the connection thus stopping the controller from syncing. To counter this problem, try to take away all these devices.

Method 5: Update the outdated Controller drivers

This problem may also occur because the controller software is outdated and so not able to connect with the console. If this is the issue then makes sure you update your controller regularly. Here’s how:

  1. Use a USB cord to connect your controller to the console.
  2. Then you must sign in to your Xbox Live account.
  3. The open settings by pressing the menu button on your controller.

  4. In settings open up devices and accessories.

  5. Next up select the name of the controller that you are using.

  6. Press on update.

  7. Then select continue so that the update can begin.

Once the update is complete, try to re sync your controller to see if it’s working now or not. If all 5 of these solutions fail, you may have to contact Microsoft as there may be issues in the device hardware.

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