How to Fix Windows 10 No Sound

Windows 10 undoubtedly is a brilliant update, bringing us many new features such as multiple Desktops and it has a central notification centre. You also have a start menu again for greater convenience.
Regardless it’s many worthy features, the Windows 10 update causes some issues. In particular and very commonly, a sound issue. You may realize that your PC does not produce any sound after an upgrade and this may be because your sound driver is incompatible with the new version, the driver has been removed, or corrupted.
This problem can be solved by trying the following different methods.

Method 1: Changing or making alterations to the speaker settings

  1. On the task bar on the bottom right hand side corner, click right on the sound icon and click on Playback devices.

    Windows 10 No Sound [Solved]

  2. The Playback tab will show many options, amongst which, select It will already be a default option. On the bottom right choose properties.

  3. On the above tab, select the fourth one which says Under the default format display, you’ll have to change the bit depth as well as sample rates again and again until one of these options work. Proceed with Apply and end with OK to save the new changes.

Try re-installing and updating your driver if the issue remains unresolved.

Method 2: Sound and Audio driver update

  1. Search for your audio name in your device manager which is Realtek Audio in this particular case. Right click on it to show option of Update Driver Software and then select it.

  2. When asked the given question below, choose Search Automatically for updated driver software. This allows your computer to search and then install the appropriate driver for you.

  3. End by restarting your computer which will have the desired result.

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