How to Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth missing error

Bluetooth is a technology that can connect computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices wirelessly and allow the exchange of data.
If you cannot find Bluetooth in your settings, then don’t worry. This post is all about solving the Bluetooth missing error. Just follow these easy methods and steps given below.

Windows 10 Bluetooth missing error [Solved]

Method 1: Setting start-up type of Bluetooth Support Services to Automatic

  1. Press both the Windows and R key together to open Run Type ‘services.msc’ in the given space and then click on OK to open Services.

    Windows 10 Bluetooth missing error

  2. Search for Bluetooth Support Services or any other similar name for Bluetooth settings in the services window for example Bluetooth driver management system. Right click on that option and select Start.

  3. Again, right click on that option but select Properties from the given options.

  4. Next, click on start-up type under ‘Path to executable’ and set is as automatic. Click on OK below to save the relevant changes.

Check whether your Bluetooth is now available in settings.


Method 2: Disabling and enabling your Bluetooth driver software

  1. Press both your Windows and X key together on your keyboard to open quick-access Menu. Click on Device managers from the options to open it.

  2. Search for and then double click on Bluetooth to expand it. Next, right click on your Bluetooth driver software and click on Disable device from the options. Proceed by clicking on Yes when asked.

  3. Next, right click on your Bluetooth driver software again and this time choose Enable device from the options.
    Check to see if the error with your Bluetooth has been resolved.

Method 3: Installing your Bluetooth driver again

Errors can sometimes be caused by outdated or damaged drivers. To fix this error, simply update your driver.

  1. Press your Windows and X key together to open quick-access Menu. Open device Managers and search for Bluetooth.
  2. Next, right click on your Bluetooth driver. For example on Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) and select Uninstall device.

  3. Visit your Bluetooth adapter manufacturer’s website. From the website download the most recent driver for your computer. For example Intel wireless Bluetooth for Windows 10.

  4. Install the driver on your computer and after the installation process is complete, restart your computer. You should check if Bluetooth is now back in your settings.

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