How to Fix Webcam Won’t Work on Laptop

Sometimes the built in webcam of the laptops does not function properly and so this causes problems at the time of video calling which happens to be the most common reason why one would use the webcam.

Following the below mentioned steps can help one to tackle such situations:

  1. First, the Start menu needs to be selected followed by choosing the Control Panel followed by choosing System and then the Device Manager followed by clicking on the category of ‘Imaging Devices’. If one notices a yellow mark next to the webcam then the issue maybe due to driver problems and thereby an update of the webcam driver is needed.
  2. The computer needs to be scanned for viruses and malware for it might be that some virus could have hijacked the computer’s webcam. However, one must make sure that their anti-virus should not block the webcam. However, even after this the webcam fails to work then the third step should be carried out.
  3. The setting of the video conferencing program that has been accessing the computers webcam must be checked and the corrections must be made if it is creating any issues.

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