How to Fix Wacom tablet driver not found

Upon installing Windows 10 in Wacom tablets, the error THE TABLET DRIVE WAS NOT FOUND is likely to occur more often than before installing Windows 10. The problem is not a major one and does not threaten the functionality of your tablet. It is easily solvable if you correctly one or more of the methods we have shared below to get rid of the error shown in the screenshot. Your Wacom tablet will be back to normal in no time.Wacom tablet driver not found [Solved]

Method 1: Restart your tablet’s service

A method as simple as restarting Wacom tablet’s service has been reported to solve the driver problem for many users, therefore we recommend you try it too. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Run box by pressing Windows and R keys together and type in the search bar services.msc. Click OK.
    Wacom tablet driver not found
  2. From the list of services you see in the Services window, locate your tablet’s service which can have different names according to the product you are using. In the screenshot below, it is TabletServiceWacom. Right click on the service and select the option Restart from the context menu. If Restart is not there, go for Start.

  3. Go on using your Wacom tablet normally and note if the error still comes up.

If this method does not work out for your tablet, try this one:

Method 2: Renew your tablet’s driver

Uninstall and then again install new Wacom tablet driver if the THE TABLET DRIVER WAS NOT FOUND error appears because it is most likely the driver that has the problem. Here is how you do it:

  1. Disconnect your tablet from Windows 10.
  2. Go to your system’s Device Manager by selecting it from the quick-access menu. You can open the menu by pressing Windows and X keys together.

  3. From Device Manager window, find Human Interface Devices and expand it to see drivers. You will see Wacom Tablet driver, right click it and click on Uninstall from the context menu.

  4. If asked for confirmation of your action, say yes.

Once uninstalled, it is now time to reinstall Wacom tablet driver which you can easily find on Wacom’s website or anywhere else on the internet. Make sure the one you download is the latest version and the correct one for your tablet. If you have problems finding it, you can take the help of driver installers to get it done. Once you have installed the driver again, restart your system and connect the tablet back to Windows 10 for normal usage.

We hope you found the solutions helpful in fixing Wacom tablet’s driver problem. Share with your friends to help them as well!

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