How to Fix USB Ports Not Working Windows 10

So you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and then suddenly you realize that one of the USB devices are not functioning. The device maybe a USB mouse, keyboard, pen drive, printer, or any other USB device. A s every problem has a solution, something similar can be expected from  this problem as well. The remedies may include the following:

  • Reassuring if the device has any fault or not.
  • Inspecting the power supply.
  • Rechecking the power management systems.
  • Rechecking the USB device drivers.
  • Rechecking the USB ports.

It may not be necessary for one to try all the above mentioned remedies but giving it a shot wouldn’t do any harm either.

Remedy 1: Reassuring If The Device Has Any Fault Or Not

You may be using the device before upgrading your system to Windows 10. In such cases, it is unlikely that the device may have any fault. However, as a coincidence, the device may start  having some faults just at the time of updating the system. It is always better to have it checked before going forward with complex troubleshooting.

In order to know if the USB device functions properly or not, You may chose to eject(incase of USB storage system) it from the system and insert it to another system. If the device works properly in the other system, then it has no issues else it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Remedy 2: Inspecting The Power Supply (Laptop only)

It is the power supply that delivers power to the USB ports in laptops. Situations may occur when the power supply may be interrupted and the device may cease working abruptly. However, a simple solution to fix this is given below:

Firstly, the power supply and the charger plug of the laptop must be unplugged.

Secondly, the laptop needs to be restarted.

Thirdly, the USB device needs to be reconnected to the laptop again.

Lastly, the power supply needs to be re-plugged to the system.

Remedy 3: Rechecking The Power Managing Systems

In another instance, Windows switches the USB controllers off when it is not used and automatically switches it on when they’re needed. But this does not always work and Windows fail to switch the USB controllers back on.

This can be prevented by stopping Windows from ‘managing’ power to the system’s USB Controllers and devices:

  1. The Device Manager in the control panel needs to be opened.

    USB Ports Not Working Windows 10 [SOLVED]

  2. The Universal Serial Bus Controller option needs to be clicked and expanded.
  3. The first USB Root Hub Device option in the list needs to be double clicked( it is fine if only one USB root device option is available)..
  4. A dialog box opens where the Power Management Tab needs to be clicked.
  5. The checkbox saying ‘Allowing the computer to turn off this device to save power’ needs to be un-checked followed by clicking on OK.
  6. Steps 3,4 and 5 needs to be repeated for each USB Root Hub Device available in the list of the Universal Serial Bus Controller.

Remedy 4: Rechecking The USB Device Drivers

Sometimes driver issues may cause the USB ports to not work properly. However, the above steps may help resolve the issues but it’s not 100% guaranteed that they will be able to resolve it. If one feels that the issue has not been resolved and is not confident enough to fidget with the drivers manually, then they may resort to the driver managing softwares available that will automatically help them resolve all the issues.

After having installed a software, it will  automatically recognize the system and find the compatible drivers for it. One does not need to know as to what system the computer is running  or the risk involved in the process of downloading and installing the wrong driver or to take tension about making a mistake at the time of installing.

Remedy 5: Rechecking The USB Ports

If the above methods still do not resolve all the problems, then it may be suspected that the USB ports might have been damaged.  In order to find this out, one can take their PC to a repair store and ask the professionals to check it. If in case the USB ports are damaged then the repairer should be able to replace it at a much cheaper rate.

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