How to Fix System Restore Error 0x80070091 on Windows 10

The System Restore Error, which appears as Error 0x80070091(as shown in the image), is believed to occur when Windows stop working and users try to restore their system to a previous restore point (when the system was working okay). Users have reported that whenever they encounter a severe problem with their system and try to recover it, they are shown this error. This is, however, only a speculation and the cause remains largely unknown.

System Restore Error 0x80070091 on Windows 10 [Solved]
It seems to be quite prevalent among Windows 10 users. Fortunately, Microsoft has taken a notice of this problem and plans to fix it soon by rolling out an update. If you have access to the Advanced version of Windows 10, then you can solve this problem right now through the solutions below. If you have ever been a victim of this problem, then please go through the following steps to fix it:

Solution 1: Booting in Safe Mode to Change the Name of the WindowsApps Folder

  1. Start your Windows in Safe Mode:
    How to:
  • Hit the Windows key and the R key together and the Run dialog box will pop up. Once the Run screen has appeared, type “msconfig” and press Enter.

  • Go to System Configuration and click on the Boot Check the Safe Boot box and press OK. If your computer asks, press Restart.

After following these steps, your computer will boot up in safe mode.

  1. Go to the quick-access menu by hitting the Windows key and the X key Run the Command Prompt as an administrator by clicking on Command Prompt (Admin). Press Yes when asked by User Account Control.

  2. Once on the Command Prompt screen, enter the commands written below and press Enter:
    • cd C:\Program Files
    • takeown /f WindowsApps/r /d Y
    • icalcs WindowsApps /grant “%USERDOMAIN%\USERNAME%” :(F) /t
    • attrib WindowsApps –h
    • rename WindowsApps WindowsApps.old
  3. Go to System Configuration using the instructions mentioned in the first step. Click on Safe Boot so as to uncheck it. Now restart your computer.

  4. Open the System Restore again once your PC is back on.

Solution Two: Entering Windows Recovery Environment Mode to Change the name of the WindowsApps Folder

  1. To use this method, you will have to start your computer in WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment).
    How to:
  • Go to Windows Setting by holding down the Windows key and then pressing the I key. Now go to Update and Security.

  • Once there, go to the Recovery Hold the bar on the right side and scroll it down, you will see an option called Restart Now under Advanced Startup. Click on this option.

  • Go to Troubleshoot and click on Advanced Options. From there, open Command Prompt.

2.  On the Command Prompt screen, copy and paste the following lines and press

  • cd C:\Program Files
  • attrib WindowsApps –h
  • rename WindowsApps WindowsApps.old 

3. Press the restart button on your computer and once it is on, run System Restore again.

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