How to Fix ‘Overwatch Game Server Connection Failed’

While playing Overwatch, you might have come across a server connection error despite the fact that your device is connected to the internet.

Overwatch Game Server Connection Failed [Solved]

The problem may seem perplex and you may think that there’s something wrong with your game, however, there a number of causes that may have caused this error to appear on your screen. A few of the fixes that you can try are as follows.

Solution 1: Winsock Data Reset:

The very first thing to do when you get a misleading server connection error is to reset your Winsock data. Windows programs and data connections are coordinated by Winsock. Hence, resetting it is the simplest solution:

Type in ‘cmd’ (for Command Prompt) in the Start menu. Right-click on the icon that appears as displayed in the image below and click on ‘Run as Administrator.

Overwatch Game Server Connection Failed

Type in ‘netsh winsock reset’ in Command Prompt.

To complete the reset, you will have to restart your computer.

Solution 2: Renewing Your IP and Flushing DNS:

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Essentially, renewing your IP address or flushing your DNS enables you to update your network information.

Type in ‘cmd’ (for Command Prompt) in the Start menu. Right-click on the icon that appears as displayed in the image below. Click on ‘Run as Administrator’

.Type in ipconfig/release in Command Prompt. Press Enter and wait for the system reply.

Type in ipconfig/renew in Command Prompt. Press Enter and wait for the system reply.

Type in ipconfig/flushdns in Command Propmt. Press Enter and wait for the system to reply.

Close Command Prompt and try reconnecting Overwatch to the server.

Solution 3: Disabling Proxies:

A very well-known cause for connection errors is the use of a proxy. Here’s how you can disable the proxy and thus fix the server issue. It is worth mentioning that if you’ve never used a proxy, yet the boxes for proxies are checked in the settings then your device is infected. Before proceeding any further you would have to download anti-virus software and reset your computer.

Simultaneously press Win and R keys. In the popup that appears, type in inetcpl.cpl and press Enter.

Click on the Connections tab in the Internet Properties tab that appears. Select ‘Never Dial a Connection’ followed by clicking on LAN Settings.

At this point; you can either uncheck ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN’ or, if it’s already unchecked, select Automatically Detect Settings. Click on OK and try reconnecting your game to the server.

If you’re using a third proxy server, you need to disable that too and reset your computer before trying to reconnect to the game.

Solution 4: Checking Hosts File:

Changes in the hosts file may be causing your connectivity issues. You can either remove that change or reset it to its default settings.

Go to c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Select the hosts file and open it in Notepad.

Remove these lines (if found):

Alternatively, you can reset the entire file by replacing it’s contents with the following lines:

# Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.


# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.


# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each

# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should

# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.

# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one

# space.


# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual

# lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.


# for example:


# # source server

# # x client host

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.

# localhost

# ::1 localhost

Solution 5: Closing Background Applications:

It is quite possible that a third party application may be hindering your game. To solve this problem, you would have to check each and every application one by one. The process is underwritten:

Simultaneously press Win and R. In the pop-up that appears, type in msconfig and press enter.

In System Configuration, select General Tab. Select Selective Startup and uncheck Load startup items.

Select Services tab and check ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’. Click on Disable All.

Restart your computer, and run Overwatch to check if you can connect to the server. If the problem continues, proceed to the next step. Enable one service in System Configuration at a time, restart your computer and run the game and deduce which service hinders with your game.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager. Click on Startup tab, right click on each item and disable them.

Restart your computer and run Overwatch. If the problem is still there then it has nothing to do with System Services or Startup Items. If not, enable each startup item at a time and restart your computer to deduce what causes the issues.

Solution 6: Switch Administrator Accounts:

If all else fails, you could just change your administrator account. However, this isn’t a sure way to go about the situation.

Simultaneously press Win and R. Type in ‘control’ in the pop-up that appears and click on OK.

Once in the Control Panel, click on User Accounts.

Select Manage User Accounts.

Click on Add in the window that pops up.

Create a new account and assign it as the Administrator.

Restart your computer and try connecting the game to the server again.

Solution 7: Running A Diagnosis:

Running a pathping and a traceroute can possibly diagnose connectivity issues with Overwatch.

Type in ‘cmd’ (for Command Prompt) in the Start menu and open it.

Type pathping XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX > c:\pathping.txt. Replace those Xs with your servers IP address.

Alternatively, type tracert XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX > c:\tracert.txt. Replace those Xs with your servers IP address. The results will appear in C drive.

Using Blizzard’s Looking-Glass to test your server connection is another option. Simply open the site, select the region and the service (Overwatch), and tick all of the testing items and Run Test.

You can post detailed information of your problem on the official forum for Overwatch. Someone will definitely provide some insight on the issue.

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