How to Fix Mouse pointer is not Visible or Working in Windows 10

One of the most annoying issues these days with Windows 10 is mouse pointer (cursor) disappearing. This usually may occur right after you have upgraded from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10. Another occurrence may be when you wake your computer up after Sleep Mode.

Let me tell you about the two  methods  which can help you bring back your mouse cursor:

1) Enable mouse device function

2) Reverse/Restore or update mouse driver

Method 1: Enable mouse device function

One of the methods to get back your mouse pointer is by going to Mouse Properties and enabling your mouse. The following steps will be helpful to do the same:

  1. Press the Win key to open the Start menu, then type “mouse & touchpad settings“. Now you can use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to locate Mouse & touchpad settings from the results and finally hit Enter key to open it.

    Mouse pointer is not Visible or Working in Windows 10

  2. When the Mouse and Touchpad settings opens, you will have to navigate to Additional mouse options. To do this, keep pressing the Tab key until you locate the above option under Related Settings. Once the Additional mouse options is highlighted, hit Enter.

  3. This will open Mouse Properties Here, again keep pressing the Tab key till you go to the Button tab. (It will be surrounded by a dotted frame this time)

  4. The left or right arrow keys can be used to switch between tabs. Navigate using the arrow keys to the Device Settings tab (the last one).

  5. Check if the mouse is disabled. Now continuously press the Tab key till it highlights the Enable Once there, hit Enter key to enable mouse.
  6. You will be seeing your mouse cursor if this method has solved your problem. If not, Method 2 can help you out.

Method 2: Reverse/Restore or update mouse driver

Another thing that may be causing your mouse’s cursor to disappear may be an incompatible mouse driver, which is not working properly with your Operating System. This may cause several other issues. You can always reinstall or update drivers to fix the issue. This can be done from the Device Manager tool.

  1. Press Win + R keys to open Run Here, type “devmgmt.msc” then press Enter key.

  2. When in Device Manager, locate the Mice and other pointing devices To do this, you can use the up or down arrow keys from your keyboard. To expand the selected category, press the Right arrow key. Again, use up or down arrow keys to find and select your Mouse.

  3. Pressing the Shift + F10 keys will open the context menu of mouse. Go to Properties option using the arrow keys, then hit Enter.

  4. The Properties window opens. Here, select the General tab by pressing the Tab key multiple times, Keep pressing until the General tab is surrounded by a dotted frame.

  5. Go to the Driver tab by using the right or left arrow key.

  6. In case you wish to update mouse driver, go to the Update Driver option by pressing Tab key several times, until it is highlighted, then press Enter. On the window that pops up, use arrow keys to locate Search automatically for updated driver software and press Enter.

  7. If you need to roll back the driver, locate the Roll Back Driver option using the Tab key. Hit Enter. A new window shows up. Here, you will be asked about the reason to roll back driver. Select an apt reason by using the Tab and arrow keys. Once done selected, press Tab a couple of more time to find Yes and then hit Enter.

  8. Your mouse cursor will be visible once your mouse driver is updated or rolled back successfully.

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