How to Fix Logitech mouse not working

Logitech is a globally known international personal computer and accessories provider. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest version of the Windows operating system family, released in 2015.

Logitech mouse not working [Solved]

Logitech mouse usually does not work properly or at all when you install Windows 10 in your computer. This might be because of outdated drivers or other problems related to mouse driver such as its automatic removal upon installation of Windows 10 or its incompatibility with the operating system. These driver conflicts are usually solved by updating the drivers.

You can see if your current mouse driver has any problems by looking for a yellow mark next to the driver in your computer’s Device Manager. If the mark is there, the problem is with the driver.

But before doing anything about the mouse driver, try doing the following for you never know what might work for you.

  1. Unplug and then plug the mouse again.
  2. Try plugging the mouse in a different USB port.

If you still face problems using the mouse, update your mouse drivers. Following are two different methods to do so:

Method 1: Update Mouse Driver Using Windows Update

Check for any driver updates in Windows Update section of your Windows 10. If automatic updates are on, you can move on because Windows would have detected the right mouse driver automatically if it were available. If automatic updates are off, check for them.

Method 2: Manually Updating Mouse Driver

You can download Logitech drivers from their website. The link is:

When you are downloading the driver, make sure it is the right one because downloading the wrong driver might make thing worse for you. Once you have downloaded it, you can easily run it and complete the installation process by following the instructions on screen.

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