How to Fix iPhone Speakers Not Working

Some IPhone users may face a rare malfunction which causes the Smartphone speaker to stop working. Do not fret if you are a victim of this problem. We have assembled a list of solutions for you to try out and get your speaker up and running again.

Re-configure basic settings

Make sure that the mute switch which can be found on the edge of your phone is turned on. If the orange side on the switch is revealing itself, this indicates that the phone is in ‘silence’ mode. Slide the switch to the opposite side to get it out off that mode.

iPhone Speakers Not Working Solved

The volume of your phone might also be completely turned down. For that, you can find the volume up button on the top of the Iphone and increase the volume from there.

Disconnect Airplay and Bluettoth devices that might be connected to your Iphone

Sometimes, unknowingly, your Iphone might get connected to a Bluetooth or an Airplay device. This can cause the bluetooth or Airplay device to transmit the sound of your device. Deactivate Bluetooth or Airplay features in your phone to solve this problem.

Go to the bluetooth toggle which can be found in the control center. You can open the control center by swiping your fingers on the bottom edge of your device’s screen.

iPhone Speakers Not Working Solved

You will see a bluetooth tab there like the one in the image below.Tap it to turn bluetooth off.

Swipe your fingers to the left of the bluetooth tab. You will visualize a ‘’Now playing’’ screen there. Tap the AirPlay option to get a list of Airplay devices that are currently connected with your phone.

If you find your Iphone on the list, make sure to untick it.

After disconnecting all Bluetooth and Airplay devices, check whether the sound on your Iphone is back or not.

Get your phone out of the “headphones mode” if it is stuck in it

Sometimes, your iphone thinks that headphones are connected to it even though they are not due to some dirt stuck in the headphones jack or any other debris.

In order to confirm that you are in fact stuck in the headphones mode, press the volume botton up or down. If the volume tab shows the word ‘ headphones’ while configuring the volume, it means your device is stuck in the headphones mode.

Restart your device to fix the problem and get your phone out of that mode. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next solution.

Debris in the headphone jack can sometimes be mistaken by the device as the headphones. Clean the jack properly.

If the problem persists, check method 6 for hardware related solutions.

Update your iOs Version if it is outdated

Your iOS version might be obsolete and outdated and may be the reason behind the malfunction. Updating the operating system of your device might solve the problem.

Connect your Iphone to the internet.

Go to settings > General > Software update.

If there is an update available, download and install it.

After you’re done with the installation of your new iOs, check to see if the problem is fixed.

Restore your Device

Your iOs might be corrupted and it might be time to reset it to factory settings or a restore it from a backup. It is advisable to first try the latter option and if that doesn’t work, try the restore to factory settings option.

Check the hardware

If none of the above solutions work, then there is a huge possibility that it is a hardware related problem.

Clean up all the debris that might be stuck in your speaker.

If you have an Iphone case that takes a lot of space, remove it. There might be a possibility that the case is blocking the sound.

If there is a hardware problem that is beyond your technical skills, you can always contact Apple support and they can assign a technician to your case and he will help you find a quick solution to your hardware related problem.

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