How to Fix iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is a technology that facilitates various smart phones, computers, tablets etc to be connected to the internet, wirelessly. iPhones are one of the most popular and common smart phone choice which have unique features and superior product quality.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your iPhone where your Wi-Fi gets automatically disconnected every few minutes, then don’t worry. This post will help you fix this problem. This issue is probably caused by a problem in either your iPhone or your Wi-Fi. However, the following methods will help you resolve this issue in no time!

Method 1: Establishing a strong internet connection

First of all you must ensure that your iPhone is near the network range. Wi-Fi network tends to get disconnected when the signals are weak.
Next, you should check whether other devices are facing this particular issue too. If they are then you can reset your router. You can also try turning it off and on. If this doesn’t work either, contact your Internet provider and report the problem.
If your iPhone is the only device facing this particular issue then try these other methods given below.

Method 2: Reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network

Network connection issues can sometimes be resolved by this method. It is very quick and easy. Just follow these steps given below.

  1. Tap on Settings on home screen to open it.
    iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi [Solved]Then open Wi-Fi.
  2. Next to your Wi-Fi network, you will see an information mark. (A small ‘i’ inside a circle). Tap on it.
  3. Then, tap on Forget This Network from the options.
  4. Go back to your Wi-Fi network and tap on it. Type in your password if your internet is password protected. Your device should now reconnect to the Wi-Fi. This should solve your connectivity issues successfully.

Method 3: Update Address information

Renewing Lease means searching for a new IP address on the Wi-Fi network and it also updates the address information. This enables your network to be connected correctly with your device

  1. Open Settings from Home screen and go to Wi-Fi. Next tap on the information mark next to your network.
  2. An information screen for your Wi-Fi network will open on which you’ll find the option of Renew Lease. Tap on it.
  3. Go back and check to see whether your connectivity issue has been resolved.

Method 4: Resetting network Settings in General

If you had no luck with the other methods above then you can try to reset your network settings. This method has been said to resolve connectivity issues and this might work for you too!

  1. Open Setting from Home screen. Next tap on General to open it.

  2. Scroll down and find the Reset Tap on it.

  3. Next tap on Reset Network settings from the list.
  4. If and when asked, type in your pass-code. Proceed by tapping on Confirm and then finally, tap on Reset Network Settings.

  5. Your iPhone will now automatically restart. When your device opens, connect your iPhone to your Wi-Fi and see if you have been successful in eliminating the problem.

Even after you have tried all of the above methods and the issue remains unresolved you should contact Apple Support. They might have solution for your connectivity problem.

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