How to Fix HP wireless keyboard not working

HP wireless keyboards are the modern keyboards but without the hassle of wires. They usually work by plugging in a radio receiver or transmitter in the USB port. Then after the computer and keyboard are connected they function as all normal keyboards do.

HP wireless keyboard not working [Solved]
If you are looking for solutions for problems regarding Hp wireless keyboards used for HP desktops and All-In-One computers then you have come to the right place.
If you’re facing issues with these wireless HP keyboards then simply follow the steps listed below so that your problems are successfully resolved

Solution: checking all the hard drives:

  1. You need to unplug your USB receiver from your port and then plug it in one of the ports on the back of your computer since the electrical signals are more direct and stronger there.
  2. Next, switch on your power if your keyboard model has a power switch. Press the Caps Lock key which will turn on an LED light. This will confirm that your keyboard is turned on.
  3. It is recommended that you change the batteries of your keyboard which is not working, even though you may suspect that they still have enough power or juice. Don’t forget to align the batteries into their compartments correctly.
    For those who have a keyboard model with a built-in rechargeable battery, plug the battery in a power outlet and charge them.
  4. Make sure to situate your keyboard very near to the wireless receiver so that there is at least 30 cm distance between them. This will ensure that the connection remains strong.
  5. Other devices such as printers or a flash drive, speakers need to be disconnected. Proceed by restarting your computer but make sure your receiver is still in it. Then connect the devices to see which of them are causing the problem.
  6. You may have an outdated driver if your keyboard has malfunctioned currently, but was working perfectly well before. In this case simply update your keyboard driver through Device Manger or through the Windows update.

This should solve your HP wireless keyboard issues.

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