How to Fix HDMI driver windows 7 issue

Although HDMI is the optimum choice for sound purposes, it can be problematic sometimes due to minor reasons and you can fix the problem at home. The problem lies either in the hardware or in the software and you only have to diagnose and treat.

If your HDMI is not playing sound right, worry not. Try the following easy methods to get it right:

Method 1: Check for Any Problems with Your Hardware

It is possible that the problem is only a minor one such as a loose wire etc. It is safe to first look for such problems in your hardware before moving on to other solutions.

In the given order, check the cable, ports and the monitor.

  1. Make sure the cable is connected tightly. To be sure, try connecting another cable from your computer to its monitor.
  2. The ports you plug your cable in might be not working. Try plugging your HDMI cable in other output ports if there are any.
  3. On your monitor, see if the volume is on the lowest or muted, it might be causing all the trouble. If not so, try putting your display monitor together with another computer.

Method 2: Install Upgraded Drivers

Outdated sound drivers can be a reason for HDMI not working on your computer. Updating them might ultimately help your problem. You only have to know your computer’s correct model name and the version of Windows you are using (Windows 7, in this case, either 32-bit or 64-bit). According to these values, you can download audio drivers from the Support section of the website of your computer manufacturer and install them following the instructions it comes with. Once you have installed new drivers, check to see if the sound problem still persists.

Method 3: Make HDMI Your Default Output Device

It is easy changing your PC’s default output device. Here is how you do it:

  1. Access the Control Panel of your computer by finding it in the Start Menu.

    HDMI driver windows 7 issue [Solved]

  2. Select View By: and go for Large Icons. In the left column you will be able to see Sound, click on that.

    HDMI driver windows 7 issue

  3. In the already accessible Playback pane, there will be some output device options. From among those, select HDMI one and choose to Set Default in order to set HDMI as your default output device. Press OK to finish.

Method 4: Check for HD Audio Controller Status

Another way of making sure you are getting everything right is to check the status of one of your System Devices. If HD Audi Controller is not enabled in your PC, your HDMI sounds may not play. Follow these steps to make sure it is enabled:

  1. Open the Device Manager on your PC.
  2. Among the many options, click on System Devices category to expand it. When you do that, you will see two items with the same name High Definition Audio Controller a little down the list. IF you see a small arrow marked on the icon of one of them, it means that it is disabled. If so, right-click the option and choose Enable from the dropdown menu.

You are recommended to try the above explained solutions one by one; one of them will absolutely solve your HDMI sound problem.

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