How to Fix Faulty hardware corrupted page windows 10

Faulty hardware corrupted page
is one of the blue screen of death (BSOD) error. The BSOD represents that your system has crashed and does not allow it to operate.

Faulty hardware corrupted page windows 10 [Solved]
Many users have reported this unfortunate error to occur after an upgrade to Windows 10.
Despite the fact that this error has been occurring for a long time, there is no official solution provided by Microsoft.
Because this error can occur due to a lot of reasons, we can try various solutions and see which one works for us.
Try the following methods to fix this issue.


Method 1; Un-checking Turn on Fast startup

  1. Open Control panel from Start menu. Click on View by: and select small icons. Then click on Power options.
  2. Next, on the left hand-side, under Control Panel Home, click on Choose What the power button does.
  3. Then under Define powers buttons and turn on password protection, click on the option of Change settings that are currently unavailable.

  4. Then under Shutdown settings, un-check the option of Turn on fast startup (recommended). Proceed by clicking on Save changes button.

Method 2: Updating Adobe Reader and Flash Player

If the error “FAULTY HARDWARE CORRUPTED PAGE” occurred during reading something online or when downloading a pdf file, then there’s a good chance this method might work for you.
To update to the latest version, simply visit Adobe Reader official support website and download the correct version for your computer.
Download the correct and latest version of your Adobe Flash Player too.

Method 3: Updating IMEI manually

Intel Management Engine Interface, now popularly known as AMT (Active Management Technology) is a piece of technology that allows management of computers as well as updates, upgrades and repairs them.

Since a lot of users see a message that reads “The best driver for your device is already installed” when trying to update their driver automatically, we will proceed with updating IMEI manually. To do, this follow the steps given below.

  1. First, visit the official support website of Intel, where you will find that the latest version of IMEI available is 0.6.1194. You can use this link: Now, proceed by clicking on the blue button below to download it.
  2. Next, after it has finished downloading, follow the instructions provided to install it. You should then restart your computer so that changes can be implemented.

Method 4: Driver Update

If your drivers are not up-to-date then it is strongly recommended that you update them. You can do this by opening your Device Manager (search it in Start Menu) and update your drivers individually. Start with the most crucial ones, such as display driver, audio driver and Network card driver.

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