Error simply means in English as the “mistake”, so it can be corrected. Errors causes the stability and performance issues, and to fix them we need to find the source of the problem. It is become tedious to surf on internet when an error appears on screen showing that “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED”. Surfing become problematic thus it need to be solved. This error can be removed from the chrome by following the given solutions.


I’m providing you the some applied solutions for this problem which will you to overcome this problem-

Solution 1: Error can be removed by reset of your IP/TCP

  1. In the search box of windows enter cmd. The command prompt appears on search box results.
    Here run the command prompt as administrator, by right click on the command prompt you can see the option “run as administrator”.

  2. User account control window appears, in this window click on the “yes” button.

  3. The command prompt window appears in this window type and run the following commands and remember that after each run press “enter”.
    netsh int
    netsh int ip set dns

    netsh winsock reset

  4. Now after the last command it asks you to restart your computer. Restart the system and check the error has removed.

Solution 2: Remove error by reinstalling the network adapter using in your system

  1. Open the quick access menu by RIGHT clicking on the start button or by using shortcut windows key + X. Here click on the device manager option on the appeared dialog box.

  2. In the newly open window various devices appears, find the Network Adapters and by clicking on side arrow expand the option. It will show various network adapters, right-click on your network adapter software and choose Uninstall device.

  3. It will ask you to restart your system then restart your system, if it not ask still restart your system. Now you need to download the correct network adapter from internet (from the manufacturer’s website).

Solution 3: Sometimes what you need to do is just restart the router or modem of your system

Refreshing the device may help you in case if you find that above solutions are proven not helpful. In this case just by pressing the power button of your modem or router to power off it may help you, then wait for around 30 seconds and press the power button again to start it again.

Check the error that it is removed from your pc or not.

Solution 4: By using the Google’s public DNS to clean the mess

  1. Right click on start button or using window + X again, select the network connections here.

  2. A window appears in this window choose your present network from the available networks, right click on your network and select properties.

  3. Ethernet properties window appears in this select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click the Properties button.
  4. Select Use the following DNS server addresses options and enter the following values-
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

5. Click on the OK button to made the changes you do; check you will find that your issues are solved.

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