How To Fix Driver Power State Failure on Windows 10

After you have updated Windows 10, or while upgrading to Windows 10, the following error may occur: Driver Power State Failure. It is clear from the error message that it occurred due to some problem with Driver. Drivers that are not updated or are incompatible can cause this issue.

How To Fix Driver Power State Failure on Windows 10

There’s a simple fix to the issue; uninstall and update the faulty driver. For this, you will have to reboot your PC in Safe Mode. To enter Safe Mode, you can use any of the following two methods:

How to enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

Method 1: Follow this method if you are unable to load Windows successfully on boot.

  1. The computer prepares for Automatic Repair after it is rebooted. The Startup Repair window appears after that. There, go to the Advanced Options. This will take you to the Windows RE, that is Windows Recovery Environment. Note: If the Startup Repair window is not displayed at the first startup attempt, then you may need to reboot PC more than twice.

  2. Once in the Windows Recovery Environment, click on the Troubleshoot.

  3. Go to Advanced Options.

  4. Now click on Startup Settings

  5. Hit the Restart.

  6. To enable Safe Mode, press 4 key on your keyboard.

Method 2: If you are able to boot your computer successfully, follow these steps

  1. After startup, press Windows + R key to open the Run tool.
  2. In the Run tool, type msconfig and press Ok.

  3. This will open the System Configuration Go to Boot tab there, and check mark the Safe boot option. Click Ok.

  4. A dialog box appears; click on Restart to enter Safe Mode.

When you enter Safe Mode by rebooting your PC using any of the above two methods, follow the steps given below. These steps will help you get rid of the problematic drivers.

  1. Press Win + R keys to open Run dialog box.
  2. In the Run dialog box, type devmgmt.msc and click Ok.
  3. This opens the Device Management window. There, expand various categories, and locate the devices with yellow sign. Yellow sign means that there is some issue with the driver.
  4. Right click on the devices with yellow mark.
  5. Click on Uninstall

Once you have uninstalled the drivers with issue. Reboot your PC. If you have use the Method 2 to enter Safe Mode, then repeat the steps of Method 2 and uncheck the Safe Mode option. Reboot PC again.

When you have restarted your PC in normal mode, it is time to update the missing drivers that you just uninstalled. Once the drivers are updated successfully, the Driver Power State Failure issue will be fixed.

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