How to fix Dllhost.exe COM Surrogate stopped working

Today we are going to solve the issue of “com surrogate”. It is a basic window 10 process having charge of showing thumbnails and related information. It usually occurs when users browsing folders containing video/media files or try to print the files. Before talking about the solution of this issue first make sure that your window is up to date, it has seen that outdated versions of windows sometime shows this problem.

dllhost.exe COM Surrogate stopped working [Solved]

Users frequently reported that error “COM Surrogate has stopped working appears on their Windows 10. COM Surrogate is the executable host process (dllhost.exe) running background while you are browsing files or folders. If you are also troubled by the same error, then use the following techniques to overcome the errors-.

Solution 1: video driver roll back technique to solve issue

  1. Open the quick access menu by RIGHT clicking on the start button or by using short cut windows key + X.
    here click on the device manager option on the appeared dialogbox.

  2.  In the newly open window various devices appears, find the Display Adapters and by clicking on side arrow expand the option.

  3. A window appears in this window select the Driver tab on top of the window, then click on the “Roll Back Driver” button.

Solution 2: You Can Add dllhost.exe to the DEP Exception

  1. Open the Run box by typing run in the search bar or by pressing windows + R. In the box type “control “and then press Enter.

  2. The control panel window appears in this window search System,when View by Large or Small icons. Now click on the button Advanced System Settings.

  3. System properties window appears in this window click on settings under the performance.

  4. Select the“Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select” under the Data Execution Prevention
    Then open up the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or System32.

{To check the system type enter msinfo32 to open your System Information Panel, then you can check it.}

  1. In the window search for dllhost, now double click on it.

  2. Now to make the changes save click on the apply button and then click on OK

The error is now solved.

Solution 3: By the technique of disable the thumbnail view from the view menu

As u told you in earlier that “com surrogates” affect the thumbnail view so it can be fixed by removing the problematic file by disable thumbnail view first.

  1. Search for the “file explorer option” in search bar and then open the file explorer option in the generated list.

  2. A window appears in this appeared window select “VIEW” tab and under this tab select “always show icons, never thumbnails”.

  3. Click on the Apply button and then press OK to finish this step.
  4. Again open the search box and type disk clean up in there and then select disk clean-up that appears in the list.
  5. On the drive selection box Select the windows 10 drive of your system, normally it is c.

  6. Disk clean up will take place in your system. When scan complete make sure that thumbnails is selected in files to delete.

  7. Finally, to make the changes saved in your system, click OK to save changes.

Now for deleting the problematic file.

  1. Download process monitor
  2. Run it to search the file dllhost is  trying to access.
  3. Remove this file.
  4. Start thumbnails on again.

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