How to Fix Disable Chrome Pdf viewer in Chrome old and New versions [ 57 onwards]

Google chrome has a brilliant built in PDF viewer in its App. It negates the need for people to download additional PDF viewers like Foxit reader. It helps to open all files having a .pdf format using pdf Js.

However a major problem with the chrome pdf viewer is that it blocks the functioning of other pdf viewing software in your computer, this can prove very annoying for some people

So here is a tutorial on how to disable the chrome pdf viewer.

You can utilize the following solution to get rid of this error.

Solution : Disabling Chrome from plugins section

  1. In the search bar open plugins by entering about:plugins.

    Disable Chrome Pdf viewer in Chrome old and New versions [ 57 onwards]

  2. Once the plug ins page opens, just disable Chrome PDF viewer by unchecking the box.

If you face any issues with opening the plug in page, it’s mainly because you might use a version of chrome beyond version 57. In versions of chrome beyond 57 the plugin page no longer exists.

In this case try using these instructions instead:

  1. Select the options button on your chrome browser and then click on settings.

  2. Select Show Advanced settings.
  3. Then go to privacy and click on content settings.
  4. Now go to the content settings window and over there scroll down to PDF settings, make sure to uncheck the Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application and then save the settings by clicking on done.

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