How to Fix Dell Keyboard Driver Issues

Laptop Keyboards, if not working, can be fixed at home unless the problem is of internal hardware and needs technical support. Otherwise, a non-working laptop keyboard can easily be fixed applying one of the two methods given below.

In Dell laptops, the keyboard problem is reported to have occurred often. If you are a Dell user and your keyboard is having troubles, worry not. Try these below explained methods to get your keyboard back:

Method 1: Simple and Easy, Try Restarting Your Computer

Before you do anything hasty such as going to your laptop manufacturer or complaining at customer support, try turning off your laptop and turning in back on. Users have reported it to be the instant solution at times. If restarting your computer does not help, consider applying the second method.

Method 2: A Step Further, Upgrade Your Drivers

The most probable cause of a non-working keyboard is that something is wrong with the keyboard drivers; they are either outdated or not working due to some other reason. Uninstalling then reinstalling them would help. Attach a secondary mouse to continue and follow these steps to proceed:

  1. Access the Control Panel of your system; it can be found in the Start Menu.How to Fix Dell Keyboard Driver Issues
  2. Select View By, click Large Icons. You will be able to see more options than before. Open Device Manager from those options.

    How to Fix Dell Keyboard Driver Issues

  3. The Device Manager will then give you a list of options. Click Keyboard to expand it, the keyboard driver will appear. Right click the name of the driver and from the context menu, choose Uninstall to uninstall the driver.
  4. When the warning appears, select OK to proceed.

    How to Fix Dell Keyboard Driver Issues solved

  5. Once you have confirmed uninstalling the driver, close all windows and restart your laptop. Your operating system (any version of Windows) will start installing a new keyboard driver by itself.

Then use your laptop keyboard to make sure it is working properly.

If you wish to update your drivers by yourself, you can download new ones from the website of your computer manufacturer, most likely in its Support Section. Make sure you download the correct drivers in accordance with your version of Windows since downloading the wrong drivers can be problematic.

We hope the methods were helpful. Let your friends know too to help them!

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