How to Fix Brother printer offline Issue

Brother Printers are efficient and fast and are great for all kinds of environments such as Homes, Offices, or network groups. They provide the best printing facilities at cost effective prices.

However, a common problem that is faced by Brother Printer owners is that sometimes the printer goes offline without any apparent reason. You are left with a lot of work on hold. This situation can be quite frustrating for the customers. Here are some easy solutions to get your printer back up and running again.
Brother printer offline Issue [Solved]

Method 1: Set the Brother printer as default printer

Make sure the brother printer that is connected to your system is set as the default printer. Otherwise, it will fail to print out its normal functions.

  1. Simultaneously click Win and R key. Type Control in the window that pops up and hit enter.

    Brother printer offline Issue

  2. Go to Control Panel>Devices and Printers.

  3. In the Printers tab, you will see your brother printer listed. Right click on it and select “Set as default printer” In the drop down menu.

You have set your brother printer as the default printer by following the above steps. Check to see if the printer is making copies now.

Method 2: Check if the status of your Printer isn’t Offline. If it is, Change it to Online

Your brother printer will not work if its status is set to offline. You can change its status to online by following these steps.

  1. Go to devices and printers in control panel by following the steps mentioned above.
  2. Locate your brother printer, Right click it and select see what’s printing.

  3. Select the printer option in the pop up window and select open as administrator.

  4. Now, go to the printer tab again. In an event, either of the options Pause printing and use Printer offline are checked, uncheck them.

Check to see if your printer is working after this solution.

Method 3: Cancel all current Printer jobs

If you have several printer jobs lined up in queue, it can cause delays in printing. Here is how you can cancel all printer jobs.

  1. Repeat steps 1 to 3 in method No.2.
  2. After you reach this window, select the option that says cancel all documents.

  3. Press yes to confirm your selection.

Now check if this solution has fixed the problem for you.

Method 4: Downloading and installing the latest Printer firmware

It is essential that you download the latest firmware of your brother printer and update the outdated version. In most cases, this proves to be a working solution.

  1. Search the brother printer that you are using by inserting its model name on the Brother Printer official website. Here is a link to their website. 2
  2. . Next, select the operating system e.g. Windows 7 x64 etc. and proceed forward.

  3. You will see a firmware section if you scroll down. Select the option that says Firmware update tool.

  4. Agree to the terms and conditions by hitting the button highlighted below.

  5. After the file has been downloaded, install it by following the on screen instructions.

Method 5: Download the latest drivers for your printer

You need to have the latest version of your printer drivers’ installed on your operating system in order to make sure that your printer does its work properly.

  1. Go to control panel>Devices and printers.
  2. Remove the brother printer currently connected to your system by right clicking on it and selecting remove device. A pop up message will appear in front of you to verify your command. Press Yes.

  3. Go to the Link given above for the Brother Official download drivers website and locate the drivers for your Printer device.
  4. Download Full driver and software package.

  5. After downloading the file, install it by following simple on screen instructions.

Method 6: Thoroughly check the cables of your printer and other things

Make sure that all the cables are connected to your printer and it is not stuck in sleep mode. Also, if an error message appears on the LCD screen of your printer, you can try to troubleshoot it.

Restarting the printer and restoring the printer to factory settings can also sometimes solve the problem.

If your printer still refuses to work, contact a brothersoft technician for further assistance.

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