How to Fix A disk read error occurred Windows 10

A disk read error, as its name says, is an error that occurs when the system is unable to or has problems in reading the disk properly. This error usually occurs while booting Windows 10 and says “A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del to restart.

A disk read error occurred Windows 10 [Solved]

Users do press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del as the command says yet the error does not go away. This persistence can be very irritating and therefore we have devised five different viable solutions to fix this error. The below listed and explained methods are all tried and tested.

Method 1: Try Removing Any DVD or Flash Drives

It is possible that any plugged drive might be causing the disk read error, therefore it is safe to reboot your Windows 10 once again after removing any or all connected Flash Drives from your computer.

A disk read error occurred Windows 10

Method 2: Try Giving Your Computer a Rest

Another basic solution is to give your computer a rest by shutting it down when the error occurs and not switching it on again until five to eight hours. After all the time you give to it, turn it on to see if the error is still there before Windows 10 startup.

Method 3: Try Resetting Basic Input/output System of Your PC

If neither of the first two methods serves you in fixing the error, trying resetting your BIOS by following these easy steps:

  1. Start with shutting down computer, don’t forget press and hold the Shift key while doing so. Turn your computer on again and rapidly press F12 key (it can be F1 or other keys too on your system, look carefully when your PC starts) until you see BIOS window on your screen.
  2. Jump to the Exit pane on Basic Input Output System (BIOS) window and press the down key on your keyboard to expand it. Among the option you see under the Exit pane, select and Enter the Load Setup Defaults option and go affirmative when asked to confirm your action. Keep in mind that different computers can have different names for Load Setup Defaults option such as Load Default Settings and Factory Settings etc.

  3. Next, select the Exit Saving Changes option in the same list by your keyboard’s arrow keys and pressing Enter. Doing this will close the BIOS window. Restart your PC to see if the error still occurs.

Method 4: Try Re-plugging Your Hard Drive Cables

One possible reason for the disk read error to occur might be lose or unfastened cables under the hood of your computer. These are the cables that connect your hard drives to the motherboard and any possible faults or defects in these cables can cause the error. Take a look under the hood of your PC and fix the defected cables if any.

Method 5: Try Putting Your RAM through a Test

Many issues regarding hardware and software occur due to RAM problems. It is safe to run an easy and harmless RAM test in order to make sure that the disk read error you are seeing is not because of your computer’s RAM. It involves the following two steps:

  1. If you have two RAM devices in your computer, try removing the newer one and leaving only one slot filled. Restart your computer and see if disk read error is still there.
  2. Try exchanging RAMs in different slots if the above method did not work. Also try leaving a different slot empty this time and restart the computer again too see whether the disk read error has disappeared or not.

If all of the above explained methods do not help you in getting rid of the disk read error, you should consider reinstalling your Windows 10.

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