How To Change Audio Track in Youtube Video Editor

In one of our earlier posts, we covered how to edit videos using the native YouTube Video Editor and how we can use the same to enhance videos. We will stick to our saying that YouTube Video Editor is one of the best online video editors that offers numerous features. Perhaps, no other video editor tool can offer that simplicity and present such a useful features. But, this video editor is not limited to enhance videos only.

How To Change Audio Track in Youtube Video Editor

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about its fabulous feature that helps to change audio track of any of your YouTube videos. That’s pretty simple and interesting.

Steps To Change Audio Track

1) The very first step is to open Video Manager section of your YouTube account and then go to the video whose track you need to change. When it is done, use the drop down menu available just beside the Edit button for that video and select Audio option available in that drop down menu.

2) In Edit mode, you will see a right sidebar containing different audio tracks. Select any of your preferred track and then you can preview that track within the edit mode. If your favourite track isn’t listed there, then you also take the help of search box available on the right sidebar to search for your favourite audio track and select that track. You can also use Featured Tracks option visible on top part of the right sidebar to search for some good music tracks.

3) When your favourite track is selected and you have previewed it for that particular video, you can tap on the Save button available at corner. That’s it! The newly selected audio track will be added to your video.

You might have to wait for some time to successfully apply the audio track for your video. Edit in progress message visible in video thumbnail will indicate you that audio track is yet to set for the video.

4) When the applied audio track is successfully added in your video, do a click on the Position audio button, which is visible just below the video preview on the right side. This is used to set the position of your audio track in the video. Place it anywhere you want in your video.

5) You can also trim the audio track if you don’t want to add the full audio. For that, select start and end points for audio on the audio visualization bar (see screenshot below). Set the length as per your choice.

6) When the editing is completed, click on the Done positioning option and save your changes.

That’s it! Pretty simple, isn’t it. So now you know another trick that will help you make your YouTube videos more interesting to catch attention of millions of users. Try

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