Easy guide on YouTube enhancements

You can, conveniently, enhance your YouTube videos before uploading them and to those that have been long uploaded as well. The Enhancement option in your YouTube video editor allows you to do so easily and quickly. If you are making changes or enhancing an already uploaded video, the comments on it and its views will remain as they are (if the views are less than a hundred thousand) even after the enhancements have been made.

Easy guide on YouTube enhancements

The enhancements that have been made to show in the screenshots below have been done on a computer; they are also doable on Android and Apple devices.

Follow the following steps to make enhancements to your video:

  1. On your YouTube account, open the Video Manager.
  2. Find and select the video that you wish to enhance, press the down arrow beside the edit button and choose from the menu the option of Enhancements.
  3. From the many options, if you go for Quick fixes, you will be able to make the following changes.

  • The button Auto-fix is one that saves you some time and trouble and fixes the lighting and tone of your video all by itself. You just have to click the button and your work is done.
    In case you want to handle the lighting by yourself, you can always make changes manually using the many options of Contrast, Fill Light and Saturation etc.

  • If there are or were any shaky moments in your video, the Stabilize button allows you to fix those and make them stable.
  • You can also control the speed your video plays at using the Slow Motion and Time Lapse options.
  • You can shorten your video by clicking on the Trim button and selecting the parts from either the beginning or the end that you want to be trimmed off the original video. All of this will be done in a separate window where you can decide the length and parts to be trimmed before hitting the Split button to end the process. Click Done and you will be done editing.
  • Rotate right and Rotate left buttons, as you guessed, will allow you to rotate your video to different angles as you please.
  1. From under the Filters tab, you will be able to apply different filters to your video which basically give more color and effect to your video. You can choose from the many option.
  2. The next and last tab Blurring effects allows you to blur different parts of your video. If it is certain faces you want to blur, choose the first Blur faces option.

Custom blurring allows you to blur details on your own, personal or private things that you do not wish for your audience to see.

A rectangle box, which is resizable and can be used multiple times on a video, is used to blur out parts of a video. Press and drag the corners of the rectangle to adjust the size of it and once you are done blurring out and making the changes click Done to finish the process.

That’s it! Simple and easy; that is how you hand the Enhancements option for your YouTube video and make minor changes to your new and old videos. If you found this post helpful, share with your friends too and give your feedback.

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