Easy guide to Windows Movie Maker free download

Video editors are a need of the era and developers have made sure to provide the world with many of them. Although the internet is filled with all sorts of video editors, Windows Movie Maker by Microsoft will continue to be the easiest and the best choice for movie making purposes.

This post is dedicated to helping you out with Windows Movie Maker; you will learn how to download it and use it efficiently.

Easy guide to Windows Movie Maker free download

Lesson 1: How and Where to Download it From

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker in January 2012 as well as the Windows Essentials 2012 suite that it comes with. If you already have the Essentials suite in your system then you do not need to go anywhere looking for Windows Movie Maker because after January 2012, a lot of websites took the program down too and therefore, Windows Movie Maker download file has become rare but not impossible to find. It is still there on some websites and you can download it (trial version or buy it) if you do not use Windows as your operating system and thus do not have Windows Essentials 2012 suite.

When you do find it, it will look somewhat like this:

It will be an easy task downloading it. Once done, you will only have to run the setup file and follow the instructions it gives you to complete the installation process. Once installed, Windows Movie Maker will offer you to buy its full version. If you want to, you can proceed with doing so and if not, click on Later to move on.

Lesson 2: How to Use it (Basic)

You can do a lot of interesting things and make changes to your videos using Windows Movie Maker only be clicking and pressing keys. Below are some basics of the software that will give you some know-how of where to start.

Part 1: Adding multimedia into my videos

One of the basic moves to begin with is to know how to add photos, more videos or some audio in your video on board. It is easy; just click on the Add videos and photos option and Add music option under the Home tab which is right on top of the screen. One more way of adding media to your video is by simply selecting that media file(s) from where they are on your computer and dragging them into Windows Movie Maker to add them on.

It is just as easy adding title or subtitles to you video. Under the same Home tab there are vertically listed options of Title, Caption and Credits which, too, are easy to use.

When you click the Title option, a window named Text tools will be added to the bar above and you will be able to access the many options that will allow you to edit the title you decide to add. You can edit its font, size, style, the duration it stays for and a lot more as shown in the screenshot below.

You can experiment and learn by yourself. The names of the different functions speak for themselves. If you get something wrong, there is always the option of undoing it.

Part 2: Adding animations to my videos

There is a whole tab named Animations for you to add animation to your video and/or the text you add on it. Under the Animations tab, you will see numerous options, all there to enhance your video editing experience. You can preview how they will look before choosing any by just moving the cursor to any animation and also select the time duration you want the animation to run for. It is as easy as that.

Part 3: Adding Visual Effects to my video

From under the Visual Effects window, you can, likewise, preview different Visual Effects. Clicking the downward arrow will open for you another list of effect from which you can choose to apply to your video.

Part 4: Editing sound on my video

Under the Edit tab, there are Fade in and Fade out options on the left hand side. Control those to control the sound effect of your video.

If you wish to cut into segments or trim your video, you can also do it by exploring the Edit tab.

It is likely that Windows Movie Maker will not work properly on older hardware because of some of its advanced features. You are recommended to insert a newer graphics card and install updated Graphics driver before using Windows Movie Maker. Intel’s, NVIDIA’s or any other websites have graphics drivers available from where you can download according to your Windows version and install following the easy instructions it brings along.

We hope you learned the basics of Windows Movie Maker well enough to have fun with your videos. Share with your friends and let them know too!


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